Kevala Press Release: Kevala Aims to Change the World

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Kevala Aims To Change The World, One T-shirt (And Wacky Launch Video) At A Time.

New company raising funds to launch charity-driven athletic apparel line.

SAN DIEGO, CA, 4-13-14 — What do Adam Levine, a spandex tiger, and yoga class all have in common? Not much, unless you’ve seen Kevala’s new launch video. In it, founder Keith Donohue (a dead ringer for the Maroon 5 frontman) does headstands (literally) to introduce his new athletic apparel line—a series of signature t-shirts that feature positive affirmations written in mirror-reversed text on the front (so you can read it while looking at your reflection in yoga class) and regular text on the back (so your classmates get affirmed, too).

But the postive energy doesn’t stop there. Every Kevala purchase or Indiegogo campaign pledge includes an automatic donation to one of 50+ charities that Donohue has personally volunteered with. It’s a unique concept, which Donohue is promoting with some unique tactics, including a 50 studio yoga crawl across San Diego and his Indiegogo campaign, where contributors can be repaid with Kevala gear, virtual hugs, or a copy of Adam Levine’s tatoos on Donohue’s body.

“I want to revolutionize local and interest giving in North America and beyond,” said Donohue. “My goal is to make joy our normal state of being: Joy through helping others, joy in remembering to slow down and breathe, joy in being a part of something bigger.” The Kevala concept evolved from one of Donohue’s other charitable adventures, 50Give, where he spent nearly 5 months traveling to all 50 states (plus Canada, the District of Columbia and Mexico) to volunteer at different non-profit organizations. Both Kevala and 50Give are a part of Donohue’s larger do-good organization, Positive Present.

So where does the spandex tiger come in? It’s a nod to one of Kevala’s three main corporate pillars:

  • Functionality – Offering high quality athletic apparel that transcends the physical with unique affirmations
  • Giving – Supporting non-profits in every state, as well as D.C., Canada and Mexico, with every purchase
  • Sustainability – Using only the best, most earth-friendly materials possible

That means Kevala apparel is made with a unique blend of Tencel (Lyocell), a biodegradable material from eucalyptus trees; organic cotton; and, of course, a splash of spandex.

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