New Yoga Apparel Line Gets Wearers In Motion and Inspired

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 New Yoga Apparel Line Gets Wearers In Motion and Inspired

Yoga apparel line Kevala blends function, fashion, and charity into every t-shirt and tank top.

SAN DIEGO, CA, 5-5-14 — New athletic apparel line Kevala is aiming to change the business paradigm by instilling its overarching “intention of inspiration” into everything it does. Each garment in the Kevala collection – which right now consists of men’s t-shirts, women’s tank tops, and unisex branded yoga towels – inspires wearers in three ways:

  • Function: Kevala is most noted for its creative use of graphics: On the front of every t-shirt or tank top is an inspirational word such as “breathe” or “strength,” written backwards so that the wearer can read it in the mirror of his or her gym or yoga studio. The same word is written forwards on the back of the garment, so anyone else in the room may be inspired as well.
  • Fabric: Kevala’s custom fabric is a blend of organic cotton and Lyocell, which is sustainably sourced from eucalyptus trees. A splash of highly performing Spandex gives every garment the stretching and shape-keeping properties yogis and athletes have come to expect from today’s fitness apparel.
  • Charity: A portion of every Kevala purchase goes to one of 53 non-profit organizations across North America. The donation is built into the price of each garment – shoppers simply choose which charity their purchase will benefit.

Through these three pillars, Kevala is revolutionizing the way consumerism works. It is providing elite yoga and athletic apparel, while also quietly asking today’s yogis and athletes to be more mindful of what they are wearing: What does it reflect? What is it made of? And who does it help? A touching video illustrating this mission can be found through Kevala’s Indiegogo campaign, here  (

“I want to revolutionize local and interest giving in North America and beyond,” said Kevala founder, Keith Donohue. “My goal is to make joy our normal state of being: Joy through helping others, joy in remembering to slow down and breathe, joy in being a part of something bigger.” The Kevala concept evolved from one of Donohue’s other charitable adventures, 50Give, where he spent nearly 5 months traveling to all 50 states (plus Canada, the District of Columbia and Mexico) to volunteer at different non-profit organizations. Both Kevala and 50Give are a part of Donohue’s larger do-good organization, Positive Present.

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